Xcalar, Inc. is an early stage startup fundamentally changing the way people find deep meaningful insights from their data. It is founded by Silicon Valley veterans with a highly successful entrepreneurial track record. Backed by industry pioneers, visionaries, and top tier VCs, Xcalar's premise is a quality user experience
fronting a highly scalable architecture.


We believe there is much more to humans than excellence and achievement -- at Xcalar it is about igniting the human spirit. It is about moving mountains and making a significant impact that lasts for years and about making our world a better place.


At Xcalar we are working hard to increase access to opportunity for everyone. We have 35/65 female/male gender ratio with ethnic and cultural diversity spanning over a dozen countries. Xcalar has women in tech as well as non-tech leadership roles. While we are some ways from where we would like to be, as a fast growing company we strive to pave the way to the future with our ideals backed by action.


Xcalar is closely partnered as a technology provider for some of the world's leading organizations and universities working with the US Government/DOD to fight some of the darkest problems facing humanity: sex trafficking and child sexual exploitation. As we continue to grow we are constantly looking for ways to bring about change that has a positive social impact on the world.