March 21, 2018

IMS and Xcalar Deliver Next Gen Analytics for Commercial Real Estate

Many businesses have been collecting ever-increasing amounts of data to help make better decisions. However, organizations are challenged to quickly extract meaningful insights from the growing volume of unstructured or semi-structured data. IMS, a leading technology provider for commercial real estate (CRE) sponsors, needed to accelerate the extraction of relevant data from numerous sources. These data sources often have disparate layouts and file formats including Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, PDF documents, and emails. Being able to minimize the manual processing of this data from property managers would enable IMS to onboard customers faster and at lower cost.

Faster Access to More Data

In a recent study covering the commercial real estate outlook for 2018, Deloitte anticipates an acceleration in disruption driven by the rapid changes in tenant dynamics, customer demographic, and a growing need for better and faster access to data for improved service and amenities. For the day-to-day management of commercial real estate, investors rely on property managers that make use of special purpose software - such as Yardi, RealPage, MRI, and Entrata - to capture all interactions related to the property, including spend and revenue management.

IMS relied on traditional ETL tools to extract data from their accounting systems. The process required dedicated staff to configure the specific settings and parameters of their environment. This resulted in an onboarding process for new customers that was laborious, inefficient, and that couldn’t scale. This led to high setup costs which impacted the profitability of a rapidly growing part of their business.

Predictive Analytics is Changing How CRE is Managed

With the adoption of Xcalar, IMS will significantly cut down on human intervention as it imports thousands of Microsoft Excel files from disparate accounting systems. Xcalar will also help IMS accelerate the screening of their data for mistakes, anomalies and discrepancies, thereby improving data quality and overall customer experience.

As more data is being collected, IMS will be able to expand and enrich their Advanced Analytics capabilities to offer more value to CRE sponsors. This covers portfolio analysis, trend assessments, and asset level performance, which provides unique insights to identify risk and improve the return on their investments. Xcalar’s open and extensible data analytics platform allows IMS to take advantage of Machine Learning and AI to push the boundaries in delivering customer value with predictive analytics.

Read the joint press release announcement with IMS here.

You can register for our joint webinar on “How Predictive Analytics is Disrupting CRE” here.
Yves Laurent
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