Explore terabytes of data with Xcalar in interactive time using a handful of servers or virtual machines. 
Even with trillions of records, our patent-pending technology allows thousands of users to relationally operate upon and browse their data immediately with no computation within their browsers.


Xcalar Design is a visual studio for Fundamental Discovery™, analysis and reporting. Our patent-pending technology delivers the fastest time-to-insight in the market. Xcalar Design’s familiar spreadsheet-like interface makes it easy for you to design data algorithms without the need for programming. Discover meaning from raw data at its very source regardless of format, using your domain knowledge, intuition, expertise, and creativity for comprehensive analysis. Explore trillions of records in interactive time. Xcalar Design offers industry’s most sophisticated data lineage with full ability to track changes at field level across data sources, operations, operands, schemas, tables, and more, all powered by the Xcalar Compute Engine’s intrinsic versioning capabilities.


Unique in the industry, Xcalar Compute Engine enables native relational compute on a scale-out platform for modern data. Integrated with Google TensorFlow and other Machine Learning libraries, Xcalar Compute Engine is an open extensible platform. As you discover insights from your data using Xcalar Design, Xcalar Compute Engine dynamically creates a dataflow of operations and synthesizes the schema, which you can operationalize at any point with only 3 clicks, for on-prem or cloud deployment. Scaling to hundreds of nodes, thousands of users, and petabytes of data, Xcalar Compute Engine works with all data formats of any size, any complexity. Xcalar Compute Engine scales with the amount of metadata and not the data itself, thus achieving unmatched linear scalability. It provides visibility, access and control through all stages of the analytics pipeline, starting from the data lake all the way to business intelligence.