Xcalar is designed for Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Business Analysts, and DBAs. Learn about the different Xcalar versions and which one is right for you.

Xcalar is the first business analytics platform to enable Fundamental Discovery™ of meaningful insights directly from petabytes of data. Xcalar uniquely extends relational compute on a scale-out platform for modern data, giving businesses the ability to discover insights not previously possible. Xcalar’s unprecedented speed, scale, simplicity, and efficiency bring orders of magnitude reduction in the time needed to gain business insights regardless of the size and complexity of the dataset. Xcalar does not require any data prep or data shuffling before it begins analysis, nor does it need to move data due to its patented True Data In Place™ technology. Xcalar delivers the fastest time-to-insight on the market.



For the Data Engineer, Xcalar Data Platform Standard Edition offers self-service data wrangling that does not require you to code. Xcalar can work with raw data in the cloud or on-premises, cleanse, transform and validate the data visually, then output the refined data back to storage for later downstream use by other applications, databases, visualization or reporting tools.

Data Scientists and Analysts become self-sufficient with Xcalar Data Enterprise Edition. They can explore petabytes of data, and visually build sophisticated models to discover deep insights for their business. Developers can write user defined functions in a variety of programming languages. Xcalar delivers push-button deployment of complex dataflows for daily operational use for batch, micro-batch or streaming workloads that run on petabyte-scale production environments.

In addition to Enterprise Edition features, Xcalar Data Platform Premium Edition includes Google TensorFlow and other machine learning libraries. Further, it supports real-time streaming, as both data source and data sink, using Kafka.


With Xcalar Virtual Data Warehouse, DBAs use Xcalar Design to work with raw or refined data on-premises or in cloud storage, then visually create, manage, and maintain a virtual data warehouse that seamlessly interface with leading third-party applications, databases, visualization and reporting tools. It is available both on-premises and in cloud.


When the scale of analytics is in the range of a trillion or more rows, Xcalar TeraRow allows interactive analysis using native relational operations such as joins and group-bys.