The unprecedented and explosive growth of the web, devices, and sensors is inundating us with data that is fast, fluid, and furious. We desire to demystify the ‘unknown’ but are constrained by an inability to extract information from data in a speedy and cost-effective manner. Today, humans and machines are still some ways from becoming soul mates. Data is ephemeral, but the knowledge and insights gleaned from it are not. In fact, such insights are essential to our prosperity. And our survival.

The dynamics of modern data have rendered existing data processing technologies ineffective, turning them into digital dinosaurs. When looking at raw data arriving from a confluence of different sources, how do we know what is signal and what is noise? Is there gold dust, or even nuggets, in the data left behind when we are done processing it? Xcalar is on a mission to invent a new kind of mathematics, redefining the rules and reigning-in modern data.

We are here to provide a sophisticated set of simple and elegant tools that have broad appeal to analysts and data engineers. Just as people are unaware of the inner-workings of a nuclear power plant when they flick the light switch, with the same ease, they discover meaning from data by harnessing the power of thousands of Xcalar nodes working in the background. At Xcalar, we strive to change the world for the better
– one insight at a time.


Xcalar is an early stage startup fundamentally changing the way people find deep meaningful insights from their data. It is founded by Silicon Valley veterans with a highly successful entrepreneurial track record. Backed by industry pioneers, visionaries, and top-tier VCs, Xcalar's premise is a quality user experience fronting a highly scalable architecture.


We believe there is much more to humans than excellence and achievement – at Xcalar, it is about igniting the human spirit. It is about moving mountains, and making a significant impact that lasts for years. We are here to make our world a better place.


At Xcalar, we are working hard to increase access to opportunity for everyone. We have a 35/65 female/male ratio with employees hailing from more than a dozen countries. Xcalar has women in tech as well as non-tech leadership roles. While we are some ways from where we would like to be, as a fast growing company, we strive to back our ideals with action.


As a technology provider, Xcalar is partnered with the world’s leading organizations, universities, and the government. Our goal is to eliminate some of the darkest problems facing humanity: sex trafficking and child sexual exploitation. As we continue to grow, we are constantly looking for ways to bring about change that has a positive social impact.