Automating Salesforce Reporting at MondayCall

This week, the Moscone Center and neighboring areas in San Francisco are packed with Dreamforce 2019 attendees who have come from around the world to learn about the latest from Salesforce and meet key people in their industries. Also in attendance is MondayCall, a solutions provider and leader in the Salesforce ecosystem. With over 30 consultants serving over 30 industries, MondayCall provides platform expertise, best practices, and consulting services for over 600 customers worldwide. We recently worked with MondayCall to implement Xcalar for automating the key performance metrics reporting from several data sources including the Salesforce platform and legacy systems.

To understand the state of their business, MondayCall needs reliable key performance indicator (KPI) reports. A critical step was to automate sales velocity reports on projects and billable hours. The data needed to generate these reports comes from multiple systems, including Vorex for project management and time tracking, Salesforce for Customer Data, and billing from QuickBooks. These data sets must be pipelined and cleansed with a set of syntactic and semantic rules. This recurring manual process included opening data files from Vorex and ‘eyeballing’ the data for discrepancies before it could be merged with additional data from Salesforce and QuickBooks.

Working with the Xcalar team, MondayCall launched a new automated reporting pipeline in Xcalar Cloud, a fully hosted platform for collecting and preparing data for their reports. With AWS S3 and Lambda integration, Xcalar Cloud automatically detected new data files from Vorex, Salesforce and QuickBooks in their S3 folder and quickly generated reporting datasets. These datasets are ‘cleansed’ by applying a series of syntactic and semantic business rules that were then automatically sent to executive leadership via Tableau dashboards.

As Andy Yang, Managing Director at MondayCall, puts it, “With Xcalar, we were able to bring in all our customer and sales data and build our sales velocity reports in less than 15 minutes. These weekly reports, that used to take us over an hour to build and run, now take less than a minute.”

As a result, MondayCall replaced a time-consuming and error-prone manual reporting process with an automated data pipeline running in Xcalar Cloud. In addition, they were able to increase the complexity and types of data that can be aggregated for these reports, and expanded the types of questions they can ask of their data including seasonal trends, sales process, industry cycles, and more.

We’re excited to be working with MondayCall and other Salesforce ecosystem customers to make their data analytics processes live and reliable. To learn more about MondayCall and what they did with Xcalar, download the customer solution brief here.