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True Data in Place™ — Accelerate Data Analytics with Xcalar

Data has mass. To use your data you do not need to make copies—with Xcalar you can leave your data where it belongs. Xcalar Data Platform does not need prepped data, or for you to move and cleanse data before analysis. Xcalar’s patented True Data in Place™ technology finally addresses the underlying problems with enterprise-scale…

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What Makes Xcalar’s Products Unique?

Here is the short answer: “Xcalar’s product mission has been to solve the challenge many businesses face today: how to instantaneously extract insights from the sea of data flooding their public or private cloud. Our cloud-scale relational compute engine is built from the ground up to reimagine data processing for analytics and operationalize machine learning…

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Xcalar Partners with NetApp to Unlock the Business Value from ONTAP and Cloud Volumes Service

A scale-out relational computing platform that delivers interactive analytics on billions of rows of data, with machine learning at an operational scale.

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Sophia Chiang, VP of Finance + Growth at Xcalar

We’re exited to introduce our own Sophia Chiang in this new series on people who work with data. We had a chance to sit down with her and discussed how she started working with data and her thoughts on careers in this space.

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Native Geospatial Proximity Analysis Using Xcalar

Native Geospatial Proximity Analysis Using Xcalar

Large scale infrastructure and software solutions are available to support geospatial queries, which includes geospatial data storage, metadata design, and scaling. I will demonstrate in this blog, how you can use Xcalar Data Platform for native geospatial proximity analysis without specialized geospatial infrastructure and software. This blog post describes how: You can create relational queries…

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Sentiment Analysis on Streaming Data

For this exercise I will showcase Xcalar’s ability to work with streaming data, by performing a sentiment analysis on twitter data that determines the public’s reaction to an Emmy Award show. For this blog post, I worked with Twitter data, using Twitter’s public API https://developer.twitter.com/en/docs, and applied a Natural-language processing (NLP) API called Dandelion from https://dandelion.eu/ using Python.…

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Ad Hoc Analytics

Test Driving Xcalar Design for Ad Hoc Analytics

This is the first article of a new blog series that will demonstrate the power of Xcalar Data Platform for ad hoc analytics. I will demonstrate how quickly I could obtain insights from public available data that contains hundreds of millions of rows. For this exercise I will showcase Xcalar Design’s visual analysis capability, using…

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Rethink Your Data Pipeline

Enterprises that seek a competitive edge through analytics will typically get data from many sources, such as internal systems, partners, and third-party providers. The variety of data formats, semantics, timeliness, and quality can make analytics difficult. There is work that is needed to adapt, fix, and blend the data before it can be used. The…

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Xcalar Culture

Xcalar’s Culture Described in More than Two Words “Startup culture” is a term that is thrown around very casually in Silicon Valley. After you work at a few different companies in the Valley, you realize that using two words with air quotes isn’t sufficient to truly reflect a company’s culture. It is more than just…

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