At Xcalar we are working to push the envelope and bring fundamental change to the world of big data analytics. We hire people with talent and determination, those who excel in their disciplines, and have an endless thirst and curiosity for more. If you are looking for a place that values your passion, dedication, and desire to learn, then here are some resources to help you find your place at Xcalar.

Getting Hired at

Apply Online
Found a role you love? Submit your contact information and resume on our careers page for a recruiter to review.
Phone Screening
A Xcalar recruiter will chat with you to learn more about your background, share more about the exciting things we are doing here at Xcalar, and answer any questions you might have.
Technical Phone Interview
A 30-45 minute conversation with a Xcalar team member or hiring manager to understand your technical background experience and skills.
Onsite Interview(s)
Here's where we really get to know you! You will meet with several team members, who will spend time understanding you, your experience, and the way you solve problems. For engineering roles, we focus on design choices and how you get there. Don't be afraid to ask questions; you are interviewing us as much as we are interviewing you.
Selection Process
The interview team meets to discuss feedback and make a hiring decision. Our Xcalar recruiter will be in touch once a decision has been made.