What makes us different? You.
Xcalar's culture values your quality of work while promoting teamwork, resilience, and ownership. We provide a level playing field to all in a startup environment based on merit.

It is truly amazing to work with some of the greatest minds in Silicon Valley and to share common goals. I'm very proud of what we've accomplished and I believe that the possibilities of what we can achieve at Xcalar are endless.                        
I enjoy building user-friendly products that solve real world problems. Making enterprise software feel welcoming while accentuating its immense power is an exciting challenge. Xcalar is a company where everyone works tightly together to deliver top-notch products. Our belief that "together we can build beautiful" makes us a formidable team.
I am working to light the torch of the proverbial caveman demystifying arbitrary data. Given the sheer scale and scope of our product, we solve extremely challenging engineering problems by pushing innovation to the limits -- a mindset that forms the basis of Xcalar's culture.                                                        
Xcalar believes in building the right products with the customer and for the customer. It is quite remarkable what this cohesive team has been able to achieve. I can’t wait for the world to see what Xcalar can do for them.