Xcalar Cloud

Complex Reporting Made Simple

Xcalar Cloud is a data transformation service for building datasets for data warehouses. It's built with a powerful engine, and can apply machine learning models and complex transformations to your data. This enables you to enrich your business data for enhanced reporting and visualization.

SQL for data transformation

Xcalar performs complex joins much faster
than a data warehouse. Most enterprises
need at least 5-7 tables to create any
meaningful reports. This is no problem with Xcalar—complex datasets and cubes can be quickly modeled and built via ANSI SQL, a visual interface, Python, or a combination of all three.

Integrate ML into your reports

With Xcalar, you can easily integrate ML
algorithms into your analytics models to help find previously unknown relationships in your business. Apply machine learning models to your datasets to enrich them with scoring, classification, decisions, and more. Xcalar natively support Tensorflow, Pytorch, and other leading ML libraries.

Cloud data warehousing

Turbocharge your Snowflake and Redshift data warehouses. Transform and prepare your tables and cubes in Xcalar on AWS. You can also serve Tableau, Looker, Qlik, and PowerBI users directly from Xcalar.

Xcalar Cloud Pricing

$500 per month
  • Build tables, cubes, and datasets for data warehouses
  • Interactive SQL for data transformation
  • Runs complex joins, models, and ML algorithms
  • Supports Tableau, Qlik, Looker, and PowerBI
  • Hosted on Amazon Web Services
  • Unlimited hours
  • Includes ALL AWS costs including S3, EC2, IO and more

"This is the best modern ETL solution I have ever seen" - Managing Director at a Global 10 Bank

"We started with Hadoop and their ecosystem, we looked at many tools like Trifacta, stand-alone Spark, Cask, and Xcalar. We did a bake-off between Cask and Xcalar. Xcalar out-performed Cask with its high performance in-memory processing engine by many factors, and the productivity tools around it led us to choosing Xcalar." — Scott McClellan, CTO Of PRGX


No upfront costs | Free for 21-days | Cancel anytime.


Each Xcalar Cloud instance is:

  • A 1-node Xcalar cluster
  • Hosted on Amazon Web Services
  • Secure and private
  • Up to 2 named users
  • All cloud hosting costs, including storage, compute, and support included.


Xcalar Cloud is a fully-managed service. No provisioning, installation, configuration, nor hardware needed.