Live data for BI and reporting

Xcalar Data Platform enables your BI apps and reporting tools to access continuous intelligence from real-time data directly off your data lake in a highly concurrent fashion.

The number of users who need your data for BI/reporting purposes is increasing, yet only a few data preparation, analytics, BI, or reporting solutions can meet the need for providing concurrent access for a growing number of users and applications to up-to-date data. This results in a bottleneck between IT and business analytics.

Traditional technologies do provide multidimensional OLAP cubes that can be sliced and diced for business insights. However, these cubes are typically generated once a day, or at best a couple of times a day.

Xcalar Data Platform enables constantly updating, transactionally consistent OLAP cubes built from varied data sources. BI tools and reporting systems can get access to live, changing data instead of analyzing yesterday’s, or hours old, transactional data.

Xcalar Data Platform expands concurrent access to real-time and historical data for large groups of users. This results in more timely and more actionable insights for your enterprise.

Xcalar Data Platform supports all major BI tools and reporting applications.

True data in place with Xcalar

True Data in Place

Xcalar Data Platform work directly with source data files without copying data into an internal format.

Storage agnostic


Xcalar Data Platform support all major cloud and on-prem storage, including Microsoft Azure Storage, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, HDFS, and Kafka, as source or export locations.

separation of storage from compute icon

Separation of storage from compute

Xcalar Data Platform meets processing and storage needs for sustained and burst workloads by scaling compute and storage independently.

Integration with BI apps

Integration with BI apps

Analysts, teams, or divisions of analysts pull data via optimized JDBC queries using BI applications, such as Tableau, Qlik, and Power BI.

Business Rules

Visual programming with lineage

Users interactively create data models using a spreadsheet-like user interface. These models track lineage of data from source through each transformation.

Ad Hoc Analytics Modeling

Ad hoc analytics/modeling

Xcalar Data Platform's responsive interface performs interactive analysis using relational operators on up to 100 billion rows.

Operational Machine Learning

Operational machine learning

Data scientists can train and deploy ML algorithms across petabytes of data at any stage of the data pipeline.

Security and Authentication Xcalar

Security and authentication

Xcalar Data Platform supports integration with Kerberos, LDAP, OAUTH, and custom authentication services for authentication and user management.

Operational workload management

Operational workload management

Large scale analytics workloads are run in high-throughput mode to meet performance goals. Xcalar Data Platform allows dynamic skew detection and dynamic workload management.

Exceptional Scalability and Performance

Exceptional scalability and performance

Xcalar Data Platform processes read and write operations across cloud-scale clusters with near-linear scalability while maintaining strong data consistency.



Business Analyst

Xcalar accelerates time-to-value in various industries


Xcalar reduced overall time-to-value from 24 hours to 27 seconds

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Xcalar provided significant resource cost savings by decoupling compute from storage

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Ad Tech

Xcalar provided 10x cost savings over the existing Hadoop/Hive approach

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Xcalar improved developer productivity by 10x

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