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Working with Xcalar SQL

This section describes the Xcalar SQL basic concepts and provides instructions on how to use SQL statements to create functions and data applications that can be used outside of Xcalar in Developer and Production environments and third-party Business Intelligence (BI) software.

The Xcalar Notebook workspace contains two main data application development areas:

  • SQL panel

This panel provides a SQL editor for you to create, edit, and run your SQL statements. It enables you to create data applications by applying SQL statements using Xcalar SQL on your source data from the tables that you created in Xcalar Load. The SQL panel also provides links to features for analyzing your statements, viewing your table details, and creating advanced function extensions that expand the Xcalar SQL syntax.

  • App Builder

This panel augments the SQL panel by providing features and functions for monitoring and troubleshooting your statements and applying Xcalar built-in operators. For more information, see Developing your applications.

About Xcalar SQL

Xcalar SQL enables you to run relational database statement type processing on your data in Xcalar Notebook. It is based on the traditional SQL ANSI standard 2011.

About the SQL development area

The SQL development area is intended for users who are experienced with SQL concepts, the SQL language, and applying and running SQL statements on their data for analysis and development.

The SQL panel not only enables you to create and apply new statements and functions to your data, it also provides features that enable you to leverage your existing statements and functions. For more information, see Understanding the SQL panel.


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