Overview of deploying Xcalar Data Platform in Azure Marketplace

This document describes how to deploy and use an instance of Xcalar Data Platform in Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

IMPORTANT: Do not use this document if you use Xcalar Data Platform with a trial license. This document is for users with a full Xcalar Data Platform license.


Before starting the deployment process, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You have an account on the Microsoft Azure portal. You can deploy Xcalar from Azure Marketplace only after you log in to the Azure portal.

    For information about creating an Azure account, go to https://azure.microsoft.com.

  • You have a paid license from Xcalar.

Tasks for deploying and setting up Xcalar Data Platform

Deploying and setting up Xcalar Data Platform require the following steps. Detailed information about each step is provided in the sections that follow.

  1. Deploy Xcalar.
  2. Access Xcalar.
  3. (Optional) Learn about Xcalar by using sample source data files.
  4. Make data accessible to Xcalar.
  5. (Optional) Connect Xcalar to Azure Active Directory (AD) for other users to log in to Xcalar.

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