Creation date Minimum version
2017-9-22 1.2.2

Estimate Join Size

This extension estimates the size of a table created by a Join operation. The estimate gives you the minimum, maximum, and expected number of rows in the new table. The Estimate join size check box in the JOIN panel, if selected, executes this extension.

Follow these steps to estimate the size of the table created by a Join operation:

  1. In the My Extensions panel, select Estimate Join Size.
  2. Select the Join type.
  3. In the Table field, select the table, which is the left table in the Join operation.
  4. In the Left Column field, select the left table's column to join on.
  5. In the Right Table field, select the right table.
  6. In the Right Column field, select the right table's column to join on.
  7. Fill out the Limit on left table and Limit on right table fields, which limit the number of rows Xcalar uses for the estimate.

    NOTE: A higher limit gives you a more accurate estimate but takes longer. Limiting the number of rows to about 1,000 rows provides a reasonable estimate without adversely affecting the computer that runs your browser.
  8. Click APPLY. A pop-up window shows the estimated number of rows after the Join operation.

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