Adding columns from a dataset to a table

This section assumes that you have created a table. Follow these steps to add columns to a table:

  1. Open the worksheet containing the table where you want to add a column.
  2. In the table, double click any row in the DATA column to open the Data Browser. The data browser displays all the fields in the dataset and their values from the row.
  3. (Optional) If you have a long list of fields and you need to search for a particular field, click the Search icon and then enter a partial or complete field name.
  4. To add multiple selected fields, go to the next step. To add one or all fields, do one of the following:
    • Click a field name, and the field is immediately added to the table.
    • Click the icon for pulling all fields. All fields are added to the table and the existing fields in the table are not duplicated. Only the fields that are currently not in the table are added.

  5. To add multiple selected fields, select Multi Select Mode from the Data Browser's drop-down menu. Then select the fields individually and submit the selection. The following screenshot illustrates the steps for adding multiple fields.

  6. If the data type of a field is Array or Object, you can add an element of the array or object to the table as a column. The following partial screenshot shows the Data Browser containing an array. In this example, a column named votes.useful of the type Integer is created.

    Alternatively, you can select multiple elements and add them to the table when the Data Browser is in Multi-Select mode.

NOTE: If you click a field that is already in a table, the Data Browser closes and the table is scrolled to the column, which is highlighted.

The Data Browser has other features, such as column comparison among tables in the same worksheet or different worksheets. See Data Browser for more information about these features.

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