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Most useful help topics are listed below. More topics are available from the top navigation bar.

How to search online help

The following list describes the capabilities of the search bar:

  • Boolean search is supported. You can use the AND, OR, NEAR, and NOT operators. You can also use ( ) to specify precedence.
  • You can search for partial words. Minimum length of a word is 3 characters.
  • To search for an exact string, enclose the string in double quote marks. Without the double quote marks, words with variant endings are considered matches. For example, searching for accessible returns 12 results, including words such as access and accessing. Searching for "accessible" is more restrictive, which returns 6 results, because only the exact word is considered a match.

Viewing an image saved as a thumbnail

Some images are displayed as thumbnails in the online help. Click the thumbnail to enlarge the image. To return the image to its thumbnail size, click the full-size image.