Data Warehouse as Code™

The Secrets to Using SQL to Build a DW in Minutes

What is Data Warehouse as Code?

Tired of spending ages building and developing data warehouses? Watch this session below to learn how the nature of data and analytics have changed and why earlier approaches struggle to keep up with modern demands. Then learn why the future of analytics is software defined, and how you can build a data warehouse with code in just minutes with Xcalar! Using the industry's first IDE for building "DW-as-Code™," developers can now create DWs and data applications using their entire datasets with a combination visual, declarative and imperative programming modalities

Try Xcalar Cloud Developer for Free!

This fully-managed end-to-end cloud-based service requires no installation, configuration, nor hardware.

  • Work with billions of rows of data without having to induct it into a database
  • Use our interactive IDE to build programmatic data apps and data warehouses using SQL and Python
  • Query and visualize your data in Xcalar with the BI tool of your choice

Build a Data Warehouse in Minutes Demo

The demo below will go over the basics of how to quickly build a simple Data Warehouse in minutes with Xcalar. It will go through uploading various data formats from Amazon S3, automatically detecting schemas and creating tables in Xcalar from these files, building a data mart with a simple SELECT and connecting it with Tableau.

Scalar and Table Functions Demo

The Xcalar demo below will walk you through how to enhance the simple SELECT statement in the earlier demo for computational enrichment and processing with a Scalar function using Python and a Table function using SQL.

ML in Production and Modules Demo

How do you deploy ML models at production scale, processing millions of rows of data in parallel, and do it quickly without building and managing sophisticated data pipelines on your own? Watch the demo below on how Xcalar can help you deploy your ML models into production and scale quickly and cost-effectively by importing your ML Python libraries for Scalar functions to run in parallel across all the compute nodes. Lastly, learn how you can package up parts of your data applications for reuse in other applications.

Xcalar Enterprise Features

Xcalar is an enterprise-grade product with seamless, full-feature production deployment experience. It is a cloud-scale software solution that can be deployed in clusters ranging from as small as 1 node to 100s of nodes and petabytes of data with full transactional support, backup and recovery as well as enterprise-class security features.

Case Study

Case study on how Xcalar replaced Spark infrastructure at a large Wall Street bank, while boosting data processing performance by 10x, reducing processing times from hours to minutes and driving 10x cost savings.

Xcalar provides the most scalable, cost-efficient, enterprise-grade platform in the industry for all stages of an enterprise’s data pipeline and line-of-business applications.