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Developing and operationalizing complex business logic and ML algorithms at cloud-scale

Interactively work with petabytes of data; billions of classifications in seconds

Data transformation and quality at petabyte scale

Work with trillion rows; process petabyte scale batch data in seconds or minutes

Live data for BI and reporting

Unlock your data lake for your analysts and data scientists

Financial Services

Financial services companies compete in a rapidly changing global landscape. With real-time, interactive modelling of large-scale, complex problems, they can better meet regulatory constraints, combat fraud, manage risk and make better recommendations to customers. The ability build and drive an ever-increasing number of analytics workloads through their infrastructure is critical.

Large scale compute for business logic

Accelerating Complex Business Logic Transformations

Faster time-to-market with huge performance gains and rapid, flexible dataflow development and deployment

Partner Solution

Synechron has partnered with Xcalar to help clients transform their data infrastructure, unlocking Big Data solutions, advanced data analytics, and data-dependent innovation. Synechron’s Business Consulting practice works with clients to modernize their enterprise data strategy, integrate data processes for efficiency, optimize data management, and design new data models.

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"Xcalar is the best modern transformation tool we have ever seen."

Top 5 Global Investment Bank - CTO


Technology companies must quickly and accurately analyze contextual data from online services, devices, and social media to improve their offerings and stay ahead of their market. With actionable insights into business operations, technology companies can streamline operations, deliver higher quality and more relevant products, and reduce waste.

Data Transformation

MondayCall: Operationalizing Business Reporting

Xcalar helps MondayCall gather data and automated reporting on key performance metrics for running their business.

Data Preparation

NetApp: Device Usage and Failure Analytics

Xcalar helps NetApp's analytics team signifi-cantly improve efficiency and completeness of their telemetry data discovery workflow.

Partner Solution

NetApp and Xcalar provide customers with a powerful solution to understand and discover insights from their NetApp data. Xcalar enables all NetApp users to build models and create business value at cloud-scale, directly and interactively, without requiring programming skills. Xcalar leverages all the resiliency, availability, and scalability built into NetApp ONTAP storage combining simplicity and flexibility with powerful data management capabilities and storage efficiency.

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“Xcalar is helping us accelerate our ML initiatives and launch new platform features.  We chose Xcalar to reduce both our time-to-insight and operational costs substantially”

Michael Mertz, VP of Product at TapClicks


Large scale retailers with billions of supplier transactions, typically across a number disparate ERP and other legacy systems, can potentially lose millions of dollars annually because of billing or discounting errors and supplier fraud. Machine learning models that can be quickly developed and operationalized to harness the exploding data to detect anomalies can result in significant savings.

Data Preparation

PRGX: Finding Billing Anomalies, Detecting Supplier Fraud

Xcalar helps PRGX discover anomalies and flag suspicious supplier behavior for their retailer clients by analyzing billions of supplier transactions, emails, and log data

Xcalar’s expertise in the retail sector

"Xcalar helps us to quickly deliver the types of insights our clients require and open up new customer segments."

Scott McClellan, PRGX CTO

Advertising and Marketing Technology

Xcalar helps entertainment, advertising and telecom companies discover insight into their customers, marketing initiatives, and advertising effectiveness through real-time analytics and operationalizing ML-based lead scoring.

Telecommunications companies that provide cable TV and broadband services to tens of millions of customers continually attempt to grow their advertising revenue stream by improving their understanding of viewer behavior to better target their ads to maximize the value of ad impressions for their sponsors.

Data Preparation

 TapClicks: Machine Learning for Marketing Operations and Analytics

Xcalar helps TapClicks get new data science features to market faster with a cloud hosted solution for developing, testing, and operationalizing machine learning algorithms.

Data Preparation

 Cable Television Analytics: Advertisement Viewership Analysis

Xcalar helps its customer maximize the value of ad impressions for sponsors by increasing analyst productivity through interactive, visual modeling.