Cloud-Scale Platform For Data & Analytics Apps

Develop & operationalize scale-out apps with simplicity and speed

Run Large-Scale Data Transformations

Apply large-scale data enrichment and transformations to data in your database, warehouse or lake

Data Apps for Data Engineers

Post data cleansing/curation transformations using a serverless IDE to create tables conforming to an E-R diagram

Analytics Apps for Analysts

Business logic to create a converged layer above DWs/cloud storage/Kafka while pushing SQL predicates and sub-queries

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Data Apps

Run large data transformations using a low-code approach using code instead of pipelining scripts

When data is to be loaded into your cloud DW, Xcalar can apply large scale data enrichment and transformation. Xcalar drives developer productivity with its serverless IDE and performs large scale compute using Spark SQL + language agnostic programming (Python/Scalar/Java/C/C++/JS). Read more

Analytics Apps

Business logic & code to create a converged real-time layer above DWs, cloud storage and Kafka

Xcalar enables an ultra-modern data workflow at an application layer above cloud storage, DWs, Kafka, and systems of record. It allows developers and business analysts to go beyond just SQL queries and write applications--algorithms with loops and conditional statements that can run in production environments at cloud-scale. Read more

Transform gigabytes to petabytes of data with 5x developer productivity and 10x lower cloud TCO



Data Analysis


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Transform Your Data with Xcalar