Xcalar Partners

Want to become a Xcalar Partner?

Become part of our strong ecosystem of partners delivering solution to customers.

System Integration and Services Partners

Xcalar has built up an ecosystem of system integration and services partners to offer customers trained and trusted Xcalar-related consulting,  implementation, and support services.


Technology Partners

Xcalar has partnered with key independent software vendors to establish well-tested enterprise-grade integrations between our complementary platforms to extend the scope of customer solution offerings.

OEM Partners

Our OEM partners embed Xcalar into their technology stack to create incremental value for their customers.

Cloud Partners

Xcalar can be deployed on all leading cloud providers.  Xcalar can access data across hybrid cloud and on-premise sources.

Xcalar stands by its commitments to help make our partners successful. We offer the following to our partners:

powerful transformation platform


  • A dedicated instance of Xcalar to facilitate training, self-learning, customer demos and PoVs
  • Technical Training
    • Initial product training
    • Quarterly updates


  • GTM + Marketing Activities
    • Partner Collateral
    • Industry Solution Briefs
  • Joint quarterly events (e.g. webinars, field events, conference attendance)
  • Pre-Sales
    • Custom demos
    • Bespoke demo creation
    • PoV support


  • Professional Services
    • Free, initially
    • Discounted
  • Production Support
    • Free, initially
    • Level 2 support for a discounted fee