The Xcalar Product Suite

Explore how Xcalar empowers your business analysts, data scientists, and data engineers, and modernizes business intelligence and analytics across your organization.

Xcalar Data Platform

An enterprise-grade, scale-out, relational compute platform for data processing applications and operationalizing ML

Xcalar Data Platform is a scale-out platform for data processing applications and operationalizing ML. The platform is open and extensible, and suitable for developing and operationalizing complex business logic. Xcalar's use cases include virtual data warehousing to enable BI tools to query real-time transactionally consistent data, operationalizing ML algorithms at cloud-scale, as well as simplifying data transformation and quality processes. This enterprise-grade software scales linearly to hundreds of nodes, thousands of users, and petabytes of data for public/private cloud and hybrid deployments.

With Xcalar Data Platform you can significantly accelerate your business logic develop > test > operationalize cycles, working directly with your custom data lake. It provides real-time processing at cloud-scale without modifying or moving your source data.

Xcalar Design

A powerful and intuitive interface for unprecedented productivity of the entire data analytics team

Organizations want to empower their business analysts, database administrators and data scientists with a single, easy-to-use tool to directly develop, test and operationalize their business logic on raw data stored in multiple disparate data sources and in various structured, semi-structured and unstructured formats.

Xcalar Design expands the pool of users that work with data processing applications — those who prepare and integrate data for analytics, those who structure data for data warehousing, and those who train and apply machine learning models at cloud-scale — by providing them with a sophisticated visual studio and IDE with direct access to raw data hosted on any public or private cloud. With Xcalar Design, users have the ability to combine three paradigms — SQL, structured programming, and visual programming — within this single elegant studio that is powered by Xcalar Data Platform.