Xcalar Cloud Developer

Build cloud-scale data apps

Xcalar Cloud Developer is a serverless relational compute platform that interactively builds data apps with production ML/AI at cloud-scale. Its patented technology works directly on data without putting it into a database. Xcalar’s sophisticated IDE supports SQL & Python to develop, test, and deploy data applications, improve productivity by 5x, and reduce cloud TCO by 10x when querying TBs to PBs of data. Data Apps & DWs can be developed with real-time streaming Kafka, enabling real-time BI queries with strong transactional consistency, and dovetailing them into scale-out infrastructure. Read our paper on Data Warehouse as Code for Modern Data Processing.

Query data directly from your source

Work directly on billions of rows of data without having to induct it into a database. The technology also eliminates the need to keep and maintain multiple copies of data.

Build programmatic DWs

Build flexible and programmatic data warehouses interactively using SQL and Python. Query your data warehouses in Xcalar through any BI tool of your choice.

Eliminate infrastructure management

Start analyzing your data immediately on your own secure, private Xcalar cluster hosted on AWS. This fully-managed end-to-end service requires no installation, configuration, nor hardware.

Interactive IDE

Xcalar Cloud Developer provides the industry's first IDE for building data apps and warehouses iteratively and interactively. A compelling user experience using imperative programming and, if required, eager execution that enables development using the entire dataset. Xcalar’s DW-as-Code paradigm empowers developers to build flexible and programmatic data apps and warehouses on laptops, desktops, and VMs, that can scale to 100s of nodes, 1000s of users, and petabytes of data.


Xcalar Cloud Developer is Free. Get Started Now.

  • Connect, load, and create tables from your source data.
  • Write and run SQL statements to generate resultant tables.
  • Extend your SQL statements with Python and Xcalar built-in operators.
  • Display your resultant data tables after each operation.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot your SQL statements and functions.
  • Build your final app.
  • Export your resultant data.
  • Display and query your final data tables from BI tools, such as Tableau.
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