Xcalar Selected by PRGX to Power Source-to-Pay Analytics for the World’s Leading Brands

With Xcalar, PRGX builds automation and brings repeatability to the auditing process.

Xcalar, Inc. today announced that PRGX®, a leading provider of recovery audit solutions and source-to-pay analytics for many of the world’s leading consumer brands, selected Xcalar Data Platform to optimize recovery audit programs that accelerate the identification of potential billing errors and discrepancies. By harnessing the power of insights derived from billions of individual transactions of supplier information, PRGX can deliver industry-leading solutions including recovery audit, spend analytics, supplier information management and contract compliance.

Through analysis of client transaction data, which often includes billions of records, PRGX identifies opportunities for its clients to increase revenues in areas previously overlooked due to myriad issues including disconnected systems, processes and even human error. Using PRGX’s proprietary technologies and methodologies, PRGX unlocks previously hidden value within its clients’ own data. PRGX turns this increasingly complex data environment into a powerful competitive advantage for more than 350 clients in over 30 countries.

“In helping our clients improve their bottom lines, PRGX handles more than a petabyte of semi-structured data annually using our proprietary data engine, which enables rapid and secure data ingestion and processing,” said Scott McClellan, PRGX chief technology officer. “With our clients now requesting more types of analyses and audits than ever before, PRGX has selected Xcalar for use within our platform to help provide the speed and scale necessitated by exponential increases in data volume, as well as data diversification.  This helps us to quickly deliver the types of insights our clients require and open up new customer segments.”

The speed and scalability of the Xcalar Data Platform is crucial to support PRGX’s goal of minimizing the typical lag between data ingestion and analysis. Through Xcalar’s ability to scale compute and storage independently, PRGX is able to grow its storage capacity – on-premises or in the cloud – without dictating the processing power needed for the increasing analytics workloads that come with onboarding new customers.

“PRGX’s industry-leading audit capabilities and expertise is an exciting use of Xcalar,” says Rebecca Ye, Xcalar Co-Founder and COO. “We are thrilled to be the analytics platform that delivers supplier billing and transactions insight to PRGX’s customers.”

To read the full press release: https://www.pr.com/press-release/779279


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Scott McClellan, CTO of PRGX, recently explained how they leveraged Xcalar to power their core audit recovery business during a live webinar. Here is the webinar with Scott explaining what they did:


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Here is a downloadable solution brief: https://xcalar.com/industries/#retail


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