About Us

Our mission is to give everyone the power to transform data into ideas at the speed of thought

Here at Xcalar, we do things differently, and trust us, that’s a good thing. Not only do we build tools that make data useful and simple, we build them to be beautiful. We are a team of creative individuals that come together and push ourselves beyond our comfort zone—from unprecedented technology to user experience, from interaction design to scalability, from machine learning to data virtualization, we come together to move mountains to achieve what people might believe is the impossible!

Our Story

Xcalar is an early stage startup that provides simple, elegant, and highly scalable tools that have broad appeal to data analysts, data scientists and data engineers. We were founded by Silicon Valley veterans with highly successful entrepreneurial track records. We are backed by industry pioneers, visionaries, and top-tier VCs.


What Drives Us

At Xcalar, our goal is to lead the revolution that will transform the world through analytics and data science. We will empower you to transform data into ideas at the speed of thought. We will enable you to leverage your innate curiosity and intuition into delight — the delight of discovery of actionable insights that have tangible business value and real-world impact.

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