What is a Good Gift to Give Your Neighbor for Christmas

Even if you’re not especially close, knowing that your neighbors are always there for you if you need them is reassuring – and we’re sure they’d agree. Perhaps you requested them to keep an eye on your home while you were gone.

Maybe you phoned them when you realized you were out of eggs in the middle of a dish. For all of these reasons and more, make sure to send them one of these nice Christmas presents for neighbors.

25 Best Christmas Gift to Give Your Neighbor

This list includes a variety of unusual Christmas presents for all types of neighbors, including those who are single, the charming couple next door, and the family who brings life to your block.

While you may certainly opt for a more general present like stylish kitchenware or a festive food gift that everyone will like, if you consider your neighbors to be some of your closest friends, go for a customized gift.

Whatever you choose, the majority of the gift ideas on this list are on the smaller side (all $30 or less), allowing you to add another tiny present (items under $5, FTW) if your budget permits.

Don’t forget to include a card, whether you leave them alone or put together a gift basket.

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