Best Pre Built Gaming PC Under 1000

Around $1000 is a typical pricing threshold for many aspiring gamers to save up for. In some instances, the best pre built gaming PC under 1000 has better graphics cards than those under $800, although this is not always the case. A gaming PC under $1000 may have comparable GPU specs but a more powerful CPU, more storage, and more RAM.

A thousand dollars is a significant sum of money, and it is an excellent investment for people who want to play games in stunning detail, with some capable of 1440p resolution. We all want a high-end $1500–$2000 gaming PC, but these low-cost prebuilt alternatives may surprise you.

9 Best Pre Built Gaming PC Under 1000

Things To Consider

We realize that not everyone has the time to construct their own custom computer, but there are just as many factors to consider when purchasing a prebuilt gaming computer. While these prebuilt PCs for around $1000 are very competent, we must ensure that you get the correct PC for your requirements.

What to Look for Pre Built Gaming PC Under 1000

You’d be excused for believing that there are no compromises when it comes to a prebuilt gaming PC for under $1000. Despite the fact that a GPU is deemed “high-end,” there is only so much money in the budget for one. This means you’ll often come across older components, but most of the time this is simply the preceding genreation; nevertheless, some offer everything from entry-level GPUs to the most recent ranges. At any event, a gaming PC under $1000 will crush 1080p gaming while still providing plenty of performance in 1440p!

Graphics Card

The graphics card is the most essential component in any gaming machine, whether it’s prebuilt or custom-built. It is the heart and soul of every gaming computer.

Pre-built gaming PCs at about $1000 are theoretically high-end, but they still have a few sacrifices, one of which being the GPU. When gaming at 1080p, the graphics cards in these systems will be able to play everything in any setting, with some of the PCs even capable of 1440p.


You’re more likely to obtain older generations when purchasing a prebuilt PC in this price range. Don’t panic, however; although they may not be the newest and best CPUs, they are often the previous generation, with high speeds, and are still excellent for gaming!


16GB of fast RAM is included in pre built gaming PCs starting at $1000. This is excellent news for gamers, since 16GB is becoming more desirable, and it will help to future-proof your system for a longer period of time than 8GB. If you’re not sure how much RAM you’ll need for gaming, check out post “How Much RAM Do You Need for Gaming?”


Manufacturers’ storage options in $1000 pre-built gaming PCs differ, with some providing dual-storage and others huge 1TB SSDs. In any event, you’ll probably have more than enough capacity to get started, but anticipate anywhere between 500GB and 1TB.

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