Best Tower Speakers Under 1000 Dollars

Do you want that great tower speaker but can’t justify the $1000 price tag? Then hello there! We looked everywhere on the internet for the finest (and we mean best) tower speakers under $1000. We’ve chosen five that we think are worth checking out.

We also spend some time discussing what you should know before purchasing one of these incredible audio devices. Even better, we provide answers to some frequently asked questions. So have a look at our picks for the best tower speakers under 1000 dollars.

13 Best Tower Speakers Under 1000

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What kind of drivers go with tower speakers?

Tower speakers are often referred to as electrostatic speakers. These speakers are excellent for listening to music, but the bass is lacking. Some tower speakers are planar-magnetic, which means they have a wide frequency range and are ideal for home theater use. The majority of tower speakers feature three-way drivers, which means they contain a woofer, midrange, and tweeter to cover all frequencies.

How do you manage the drivers?

Drivers are included into every speaker. That’s where the noise originates. Tweeter drivers, midrange drivers, and woofer drivers are the three most common kinds of drivers. Each of them has a distinct function. They are in charge of the high, mid, and low frequencies, respectively. These are typically concealed behind a grille connected to the speaker’s top. The drivers may be seen if the grille is removed. Never touch the driver in any way since it is fragile and may be harmed. That is why a grille has been added to the top of them to protect them.

Which tweeters give the best highs?

This is something to which different individuals will react differently. The Pioneer TS-B350PRO, on the other hand, is widely regarded as an excellent tweeter that delivers the best high-range frequency. It boasts a peak power of 500 watts and an RMS power of 200 watts, ensuring that you get loud, clear, and distortion-free music. This tweeter has a sensitivity of 100 decibels, which is simply amazing. If you don’t want to purchase the Pioneer TS, the Alpine SPS-110TW is a good alternative. It has a peak output of 300 watts and a sensitivity of 88 decibels. It’s also less expensive than the Pioneer, yet it still produces excellent results. Both of these tweeters are excellent for listening to classical music, since they include a lot of high-frequency content. Any of these tweeters will enhance your classical music listening experience, and you will be pleased with your purchase.

What kind of woofers should we look for in tower speakers?

Normally, the tower speakers have a frequency of 30 to 40 hertz. This implies that the bass quality will be mediocre, if not worse. That is why we recommend looking for speakers with a decent woofer built in, since this will enhance not just the frequency but also the bass response time. If you choose a speaker with a powerful woofer, you will notice a significant difference. We recommend investing in a speaker with a decent woofer unit if you want to enjoy listening to music with a lot of bass.

Do you need a subwoofer with your tower speaker?

Tower speakers often offer a fast bass response time, eliminating the need for a subwoofer. A subwoofer, on the other hand, may enhance your bass experience and make it sound simply incredible. That is why we always advise getting a subwoofer with your speakers since you will not realize what you are losing out on if you do not. If your speaker’s bass frequency is restricted, a subwoofer may help. Adding a subwoofer to your system will extend its possibilities and enhance its overall bass output. If you like music with a lot of bass, we strongly advise you to get a subwoofer since it will provide great results and will be a good investment.

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