Best Electric Scooter for 11 Year Old

There are a variety of electric scooters available for 11-year-olds. The most important question to address before deciding which one is best for an 11-year-old is how much power and speed do you believe they’ll be able to handle. What is the best electric scooter for 11 year old and the best razor scooter for 11 year old?

Do you wish to go for a spin on an electric scooter with your child? There are also several electric scooters available for children. There are several versions intended specifically for children, as well as ones that may be used safely by children. Let’s look at what features to look for when buying an electric scooter for your 11-12 year old child.

But keep in mind that safety comes first! Allowing your child to ride an electric scooter unaccompanied might be considerably riskier than riding a regular kick scooter. Electric scooters are generally significantly quicker than kick scooters for this reason. In this post, we’ll look into electric scooters for youngsters aged 11 to 12.

We’ll go through the specifications and other factors to consider before purchasing an electric scooter for that age group. So, let’s start with the specifications, and then I’ll show you some great options for your child.

11 Best Electric Scooter for 11 Year Old

Let’s look at the average height and weight of a typical 11-12 year old in order to determine the ideal height and size for an electric scooter. Then we can see what the current electric scooters on the market have to offer.

Height, Size & Adjustments for Girls

11 yrs81.5 lb (36.9 kg)56.7″ (144 cm)
12 yrs91.5 lb (41.5 kg)59.0″ (149.8 cm)

Height, Size & Adjustments for Boys

11 yrs78.5 lb (35.6 kg)56.5″ (143.5 cm)
12 yrs88.0 lb (39.9 kg)58.7″ (149.1 cm)

Your child does not require a massive electric scooter. We must pick the size and weight carefully so that it is comfortable to carry for both you and your child. The recommended weight for an electric scooter is roughly 17-20 lbs (or 8-9 kg), yet most electric scooters are more than that.

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