Best External Hard Drives for Photographers

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re seeking for the best external hard drives for photographers. Because after reading this tutorial, you’ll understand the advantages of each external drive choice and how to select the best one for your photographic needs.

Here’s a list of the external hard disks I use, along with some further suggestions.

17 Best External Hard Drives for Photographers

With the advent of digital cameras, the average cost per shot has dropped dramatically, making it far more cost-effective than film. As a result, the quantity of images we take has increased dramatically.

We are now learning how to manage digital data instead of dealing with film and chemicals in a darkroom. The term “digital photography process” is a relatively new addition to the photographic lexicon. It refers to the actions and methods involved in taking a picture from capture to final output, which can be a high-resolution digital image or a print.

External hard drives play a vital part in the multi-step digital workflow process, and they cover three key areas. Each stage of the workflow need its own external hard disk.

Area #1: Traveling Drives

This is especially important for trip photographers, as they might easily spend weeks away from society. On the road, it’s critical to keep digital photographs safe.

Compactness, low energy consumption, and durability are all considerations for traveling external hard drives.

Area #2: Back-up Drives ​​​​

The digital photographs are then part of the second phase—the backup process—when a photographer returns home. Photos are frequently backed up to many devices as well as a remote cloud. External hard drives are ideal for backups on the go.

Large volume and affordability are two criteria for external hard drives used for backup. Here, speed and size aren’t important.

Area #3: Extension to Internal Hard Drives

It became feasible to utilize an external hard drive as a companion to or an extension of internal drives with the development of rapid interface connection technologies (USB 3.0, FireWire, Thunderbolt). It is now usual practice to save a whole RAW image collection on an external hard disk.

Performance and rapid interface connection speed are two criteria for extension-type external hard drives.

To cover the many aspects of my vacation photography, I employ three distinct external hard disk types in my process.

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