Best Personal GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee

Getting a personal GPS tracker is an intriguing concept. Whether you desire to follow your children or spouse, it’s essentially a tiny tracker that you can carry around without slowing you down.

Whatever the case, continue reading to discover the best personal GPS tracker no monthly fee. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of reliable GPS trackers and some frequently asked questions that cover the fundamentals of purchasing one.

What Is A Personal GPS Tracker With No Monthly Fee?

Car tracking gadgets that do not require a monthly subscription are cost-effective automobile monitoring technologies that save past driving data.

No monthly charge GPS trackers, often known as GPS data loggers, provide second-by-second location tracking with no dependency on mobile networks and no service membership fees.

You can rely on the instructions in the video below to better understand how to install a GPS tracker in a car.

Top 5 Best Personal GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee 2021

  • Best Overall: Vyncs Premium GPS Tracker
  • Best for Budget: Vyncs GPS Tracker
  • Best for Hidden: GPSit 1000BZL
  • Best for High Accuracy: BARTUN GPS Tracker
  • Best for Battery: TKSTAR 915

1. Vyncs Premium GPS Tracker

VYNCS Premium: No Monthly Fees GPS Tracker OBD 4G LTE Tracking Device for Cars Vehicle Trips Teen Driver Safety Roadside Assistance VPOBDGPS1
  • No monthly fees, USD 85.99 for renewal in the second year, $39.99 one-time activation fee (refunded if cancelled in 30 days) during signup
  • Logs trips, 4G car gps tracking, review routes on map, set zones around school house for teens
  • Get zone enter-exit zone notifications, driving score, real-time tracking, 1 year roadside assistance

This premium automobile monitoring system employs 3G networks to send data about your vehicle journeys to your system, which you can view through a mobile app or PC.

From fuel efficiency to the automotive supplier, this tracker checks all the factors that may be critical in maintaining the vehicle’s lifetime and safety.

All trips are automatically tracked using GPS technology, and you will be notified whenever your car is moving. Vyncs Premium also recalls tire revolution, oil leaks, brakes, and other maintenance needs based on service periods and actual miles given.

You may save a lot of money because of its fuel efficiency. This clever tracker reports fault codes to notify you of any manufacturer recall notices for your car.

You can get tax breaks because the tracker separates your work and personal visits. Vyncs also offers an insurance policy to drivers with solid driving records. Vyncs’ auto insurance may be quite beneficial in these stressful situations.

2. Vyncs GPS Tracker

Vyncs - GPS Tracker for Vehicles, [No Monthly Fee], 4G LTE, Vehicle Location, Trip History, Driving Alerts, GeoFence, Fuel Economy, OBD Fault Codes, USA-Developed, Family or Fleets
  • GPS Tracker For Vehicles. 4G LTE Device No Monthly Fee, One-time Activation fee: $39.99 (full refund if returned and account cancelled within 30 days). 1 year Service included. Renewal (USD 78.93) in...
  • Vyncs Advantages. No Battery needed, powered by OBD. Vehicle DTC Codes, Fuel Economy, Fuel Level (if available), True Idling, Engine RPM, Vehicle Speed, Manufacturer Recall, Vehicle Maintenance. World...
  • Real Time Location Tracking and Trips. Collects data every second, analyzes, and sends 20 seconds update to the server every minute. Other upgrades available. Unlimited trip history on map. No battery...

The Vyncs concealed GPS tracker has no monthly charge and provides good user feedback and various options that enable you to analyze the data gathered by the car’s computer using the Vyncs database system, accessible on the company’s website.

Web-based assistance is also highly prompt and informative, allowing you to resolve any issues quickly. In addition, you can track each trip’s route and top speed using either a mobile app or your PC.

When the automobile is operating, the gadget updates the vehicle’s position every 3-5 minutes. Because of the automobile’s OBD port, which remains powered up around the clock, the location is communicated every half hour even if you have already switched off the car.

Because the tracker maintains a watch on your automobile rather than the passenger’s phone, you can see if the gadget has been disconnected and then put in, your adolescents won’t be able to tell you about how their phone lost signals or broke down.

You don’t have to charge a monthly fee for this Vyncs car tracker, accessible in 38 countries and works on 3G connections. Once you purchase a SIM card, its state-of-the-art GPS and Accelerometer Chip can detect dangerous driving and alert you.

3. GPSit 1000BZL

GPSit - Vehicle Asset Tracking Device, LTE GPS Tracker for Vehicles, Tracker Device for Vehicles with Commercial Software for Fleet Tracking on Multiple Devices, Tamper-Resistant Tracker
  • Effortless Tracking System - Made specifically for businesses, our car tracker tracks accurately using multi-device commercial software for over 2000 vehicles. Instantly check your vehicle’s...
  • Accurate Mapping Data - Get the most accurate and efficient path in a snap with this vehicle tracker. With 10-second intervals, our real-time GPS tracker device provides precise reports on turns,...
  • Backs Up When Offline - Never fuss about dead spots while on the road. Our tracking device stores necessary data while offline. This vehicle tracker uploads the information automatically when it’s...

Only with the GPSit1000BZL tracker can you get real-time updates on the car’s location. This device helps you a lot in keeping track of your car’s trips, mileage, idle and stop time, important events, landmarks, alerts, odometer, and more.

The tracker is supplied by the car’s standard 12V power supply and features three input sets for sensing sensor statuses and two outputs for controlling accessories.

By connecting the Light Fleet tracker to the car’s On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port via a 2-wire setup, you may install the device in just 30 seconds.

It can provide a current location each time you turn on the vehicle every two minutes. When the car stops, the update rate slows to once per several hours.

A year of service is included in the unit purchase. You can hide it behind the vehicle’s dashboards and anywhere else as long as the power, ground, and ignition connections are present.

The tag side must be facing down, and there must be no barrier in the metal plate that might impede GPS signals.

4. BARTUN GPS Tracker

BARTUN LTE GPS Dog Tracker, Real-Time Tracking Collar Device, APP Control for Dogs and Cats with Unlimited Range
  • 【 SIM Card Not Included】: Just like a mobile phone, our pet tracker needs insert a SIM card to work. Please buy a SIM card that support 4G network and insert it to our tracker device. Then you can...
  • 【Worldwide location tracking】Operates without a distance limit, you can follow your pet from your phone APP or computer any wherever they are in the world (more than 150 countries covered). Easy...
  • 【Real-time tracking& Geo-fence】 Pinpoint the real-time location of your furry friend when it matters most and and see the history of places your dog has visited. BARTUN PET Tracker support GPS,...

BARTUN designs this GPS tracker with IP66 waterproof technology and a dynamic design, so you can simply put it beneath the car without causing any problems.

However, to fully utilize the Bartun car tracker’s full capabilities, you must acquire a separate SIM card. Its excellent battery support allows it to function in sleep mode within 60 days.

Therefore, you may find and monitor distant targets using compatible applications from the iOS stores or Android, SMS notifications based on Google Map locations, or a web application connected to a 3G network.

A SIM adaptor, USB cable, a user guide, an ejected pin, a carry bag are included in the box. In addition, it has an integrated 5pc magnet that allows for flexible placement on any vehicle.

Geo-fencing, movement alert, actual LBS location, and other features of the Bartun GPS tracker are available without a monthly cost.

5. TKSTAR 915

The TK915 car Tracking device is a famous GPS tracker for vehicles that offers a thoroughly prepared solution for GPS monitoring and relatively comparable vehicle position data. Establishing geographic borders or fences may be pretty straightforward if you want to get real-time warnings when your automobile leaves a specified zone.

Its super capacity rechargeable battery (10000mAh) can function in sleep mode for four months after being ultimately charged. Moreover, with the IPX6 waterproof construction, you can use this GPS tracker to its maximum capacity without worrying about the wet season.

The six powerful magnets on the rear of the TK915 allow it to grip the metal frame of automobiles securely. When someone tries to remove the tracker, the inductive sensor on the magnet side detects a changing light and gives you an alert.

You can adequately pinpoint the last location of your missing automobile this way. This vibrant GPS tracker has no monthly fee for movement or speed alert, voice monitor, shake or induction sensor, battery alarm, and other outstanding features.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to track my vehicle?

Installing a GPS tracker is the most excellent approach to keep track of your vehicle. There are several sorts of GPS trackers for automobiles; your primary goal must be to choose one that does not have any monthly fees or hidden expenses.

How do I install a vehicle tracker?

You must check that the signal is adequate to obtain a GPS satellite signal before putting the tracker on your vehicle. In such a situation, the ideal locations provide quick access without a lot of foam or plastic in the way. As an instance, the dashboard roofs are both viable options.

If you’re searching for a more secluded location, such as behind the seat, notice the signal is still strong. Again, it would be best if you struck a balance between signal visibility and intensity.

The setup process will vary depending on the location you want to put your GPS tracker. Set up it in the frame of your car using waterproof adhesive or place it in the interior storage compartments.

In summary, it’s a simple DIY project, but do not forget to sync your smartphone with the tracking device before starting.

Are real-time GPS trackers capable of pinpointing your precise location?

Sometimes. By receiving and transmitting satellite signals, GPS trackers determine their location. However, just like your smartphone, it may suffer interference that causes the location precision to be thrown off.


As much as we wish for the best life, negative things always manage to sneak up on us and force us to confront unpleasant situations.

Whether your vehicle has been robbed or you’ve become stuck on an unfamiliar route, these ingenious devices ensure that assistance is available at all times. Among these, the Vyncs Premium overshadows other counterparts because of its fuel efficiency, and it features all of the functions required from users.

With powerful integrated magnets for attaching firmly to the metal body of your vehicle, the best personal GPS tracker no monthly fee can perform several functions, ranging from speed tracking to exact location help.

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