Best Small Block Chevy Fuel Injection Kits

Fuel injectors will increase your small-block Chevy’s power and performance while also lowering its fuel consumption.

A tiny block chevy is a car with a lightweight engine that provides superior acceleration and handling. Having a small block Chevy with a carburetor engine, on the other hand, meant spending hours each morning trying to start the vehicle and suffering through all the necessary maintenance.

Do yourself a favor and install a fuel injector kit in your small block Chevy’s engine to replace the carburetor. It is less expensive and needs less maintenance, yet it delivers the vehicle with more power and torque than a carbureted engine while lowering the car’s fuel consumption.

This is a significant financial commitment, which is why you should do your homework before investing in a model. I evaluated a few small-block Chevy fuel injection systems and found these seven to be the finest on the market. This page includes in-depth evaluations of each fuel injection kit as well as a purchasing guide to assist you in selecting the right one for your car.

15 Best Small Block Chevy Fuel Injection Kits

Buying Guide

Owning a small block Chevy with a carburetor engine entails waiting for the car’s engine to warm up for at least ten minutes each morning and coping with a sputtering engine while driving. In addition, you must periodically tune the carburetors to ensure that they do not die. By performing the job on their own, fuel injection kits remove all of this additional effort. It is entirely based on the ECU’s computations.

You now need to know which characteristics and features make or break a deal after reading comprehensive evaluations of each of the finest fuel injection kits for small-block Chevy. When I was looking for a type of fuel injection system to convert my car’s engine from carburetor to EFI, I found these few criteria to be the most useful.

Fuel Pump Capacity

Every fuel injection system comes with a fuel pump that connects to your vehicle’s engine. There are many different kinds of gasoline pumps, each with its unique power capability measured in horsepower. If your vehicle’s engine generates 550 horsepower, a gasoline pump with a capacity of 400 horsepower will be ineffective.

This is the most important element that will determine whether you get the right type of fuel injection kit or the incorrect one, resulting in a waste of money. Find out how much horsepower your engine generates, and then look for a model that can handle that level of power.

Throttle Body

All of the injectors, sensors, throttle position sensors, and computer sensors required for fuel injection are carried and housed in the throttle body. It’s the brains of the fuel injection system. As a result, the throttle body must be built to exacting standards.

The most common materials used to make throttle bodies are cast aluminum or diecast metal, since both provide the body with a high level of strength and durability, which are two of the most important characteristics. There are certain versions with plastic throttle bodies on the market; avoid them.

Number of Injectors

On the market, there are a variety of kits to choose from. A single injector is connected to the throttle body in single-point injectors. The second kind is multipoint, which has more than one injector placed at the throttle, as the name implies. Both of these kinds function well, but before you spend any money, you should find out which one is ideal for your engine.

Kit Should Be Complete

Most fuel injection kits include with everything you need to connect the machine to your car’s engine. Some fuel injection kits, however, are missing a few components. Then you’ll need to buy those components individually to for your machine to operate properly. As a consequence, you wind up spending a lot of money. Always check to see whether the kit is complete or if there are any missing parts.

Pre-Programmed System

This may not seem essential to some people, and others may even ignore it entirely, but it is crucial, particularly if you are looking for a model that will be simple to install. The majority of fuel injection kit models do not come pre-programmed. This isn’t always a deal breaker, particularly if you’re a professional.

However, mounting the machine to your vehicle and then doing all of the programming to get it to function will be a nightmare for a beginner. If you’ve never dealt with automobiles before, invest in a kit that comes pre-programmed so that installation isn’t a hassle.

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